Executive Coaching

Coaching is THE most effective method

for altering a selected number

of concrete management behaviors,

according to managers

and human resources executives (1)

(1) Izaskun Rekalde, Jon Landeta, Eneka Albizu, Pilar Fernandez-Ferrin,

"Is executive coaching more effective than other management training and development methods?"

(Management Decision, Vol. 55 Issue: 10, pp.2149-2162, 2017)

  • Are you ready to change?
  • Do you want to improve your performance?
  • Would you like to grow as a leader?

— individual meaning, team alignment, and organizational results —

If you are looking for someone to tell you what to do and how to do it, you do not need a coach.

But if you want to take consistent action on your highest leverage opportunities, this is for you.

My coaching principles:

  • Understand my clients in their organizational context
  • They set the agenda for the intervention and for each session
  • Coaching is a relationship of equals where I support my clients to create new possibilities, to change, to develop, and to act
  • It is a partnership based on trust that allows me to hold them gracefully to account, to achieve their goals
  • Anyone has the power to change if they want to
  • We are the pilots of our own destiny—not the victims of our environment

Extinguish undesired behaviors and increase desired behaviors

Improve your social and team leadership competencies

Enhance your work and team performance

Are you open to being held to account

for your actions, progress, and results?

Are you coachable?