14-Day Team Performance Improvement Challenge

Grow the results of your team—even if you've tried unsuccessfully before

  • Develop trust and increase desired behaviors
  • Establish accountability and strengthen execution
  • And create the basis for high performance—in a sustainable way

Jose Luis Romero MA—creator of the world's unique Leadership Strategy for the Managerial Role—has over 17 years experience doing corporate leadership development in Fortune 500 Companies

This Challenge Includes 3 Leadership Tools:

The first leadership tool is a fundamental "principle"

A principle is a basic truth that you consider in order to help you decide how to behave in the most strategic way

As fundamental as this principle is, most managers are not consciously aware of it, leading them to not always make the most effective decisions

The second tool is very popular, everybody has heard about it

Unfortunately, very few managers use it, and when they use it, they use it wrong, creating unintended negative consequences

However, when used properly, it is one of the most powerful leadership tools

Look for tip on page 32 because it is decisive

And the third tool is deceptively simple

For the same reason, most managers don’t pay much attention to it

It is simple—but with excellent performance consequences

Why are these 3 tools so important?

First: They are foundational

Everybody who has direct reports must use them. To use an analogy: It would be difficult to work as a carpenter without a hammer, a saw, and a measuring tape

Second: They are results-oriented

They strengthen your direct reports' performance, your team's performance, and your own performance, IF you use them correctly

Third: They are user friendly

They are easy to implement—they are not complicated

Approximate Reading Time

First Leadership Tool

9 minutes

Second Leadership Tool

10 minutes

Third Leadership Tool

4 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for this Challenge?

Absolutely NOT! Just sharing some practical tools that I am positive you will find powerful.

Keep me in mind the next time you have questions about building a high performance team, in a sustainable way.

Why do I need to fill out the information requested?

I only ask you for your first name and email, to send you useful information about Team Leadership Competencies & People Management Skills that you will find very practical. I will always keep your personal information 100% safe, and you can unsubscribe at any time. You may read my Privacy Policy here.

How does this Challenge improve performance?

FIRST: It is a detailed blueprint of three fundamental competencies. It tells you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why. My goal is to improve your team leadership competencies and people management skills.

SECOND: It has multiple learning methods: Reading and understanding (theory), applying it on the job, asking for feedback, and improving your behavior (practice).

THIRD: It has clear goals and milestones along the way. After you complete its three simple steps, you will see measurable results in your employees' performance.

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