My name is José Luis, and this is my story:

During my birth—right when I was born—my mother died.

Going to school I felt awkward because everybody had a mother and a father – but I didn't.

From my childhood perspective, I thought I belonged to an incomplete household—to an incomplete organization so to speak—although I grew up in a loving family.

This is why I have always wanted to find out about "the secret" to organizational high performance.

This deep-rooted feeling propelled me to become a Social Anthropologist, then an Organizational Development Consultant, a Corporate Leadership Development Educator, and a Leadership Coach.

My story is about increasing awareness about this simple fact:

With a win-win mentality, you build high-performance organizations.

With a win-lose mentality, you do the opposite.

Egos (power, wealth, fame, etc.) destroy organizations—and entire civilizations.

Values (humility, integrity, respect, etc.) fuel advancement, human development, and full-fledged prosperous cultures.

My mission is to enable leaders to build sustainable high performance within the teams they lead.

My vision is to democratize organizational high performance.

And my promise is to give you simple, timeless, and results-oriented leadership competencies, step-by-step.