My name is José Luis.

During my birth—right when I was born—my mother died.

Going to school I felt awkward because everybody had a mother and a father – but I didn't.

Although I grew up in a loving family—from my childhood perspective—I belonged to an incomplete family, to an incomplete organization so to speak.

This is why ever since I was very young – I have always wanted to find out about "the secret" to organizational high performance. 

This fact propelled me to eventually become a Social Anthropologist, then an Organizational Development Consultant for Fortune 500 companies, and finally a Corporate Leadership Development Educator.

Thanks to my work, I have personally worked with thousands of managers, and most of them—despite the fact that they have gone through several leadership development courses—don’t possess the tools to build truly sustainable high performance within the teams they lead.

This fact (and after years of trial and error) prompted me to build a proprietary step-by-step system—where I hold you by the hand and tell you exactly what to do—to give you all the leadership competencies, principles and formulas you need, to engage your direct reports with their work, commit them to you, and become a world-class leader.


I like swimming, hiking, snowboarding, playing tennis, biking, reading, writing, netflixing, etc., and my most meaningful activity is spending quality time with the people I love the most. 



Enable leaders to build Sustainable High Performance within the Teams they lead.


Democratize Organizational HIGH Performance. 


Humility / Integrity / Respect

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