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In alphabetical order

Al Blixt

Getting to WOW! Secrets of leading high performing teams

Alexandra Barosa-Pereira

Coaching for managers

Angie Dobransky

The five freedoms

Arthur Carmazzi

Reinventing organizational culture with gamification

Betsy Dokakis

Managing conflict

Bhakti Karkare

How to create loyal teams that consistently deliver projects on time

Bill Treasurer

Courage: The first virtue of leadership

Brady Wilson

Micro-fuel to finish strong: How to create a culture of fast, frequent fuel boosts

Brent Baker

Clarity, alignment, and leadership

Bruce Gibb

The bimodal structure: A proven process for leadership

Carole Lewis

Communicating online with clarity, confidence, and conviction

Carolina Pacheco

Effective teamwork

Chad Littlefield

How do you create engagement when attendance is mandatory?

Dan Hogan

Defining teammate roles & responsibilities using four questions

David Spungin

Three coaching mistakes managers make

David Zinger

How to foster full engagement

Dawna Jones

Leading in dynamic uncertain situations, through your decisions

Deanne Duncombe

Communicating with others to get results

Dominik Maximini

Ambidexterity: Mastering 'agility' and 'plan-driven' success

Doug Kirkpatrick

Managing great complexity with great simplicity

Jan & Michelle Terkelsen

How to create a high performing team

Jason Little

Five universals of change

Jo Moffatt

I love my manager

José Luis Novoa

Changing to coaching as a leadership style

José Luis Romero

From boss to world class leader (step-by-step)

Kevin Empey

Four leadership habits for the future of work

Louise Neel Høyer

Keep your employees engaged through change

Maria Luisa Texdeira

Dignified relationships and your bottom line

Mario Alberto Sánchez

How to interview candidates to find the best talent

Martha Legare

The five UN's of UN-success and your strengths

Meiling Canizares

Leadership 4.0: Lead in the post digital age

Michael Diettrich-Chastain

Navigating constant change as a leader

Michael Kittay

How to start with Jira Scrum Agile project management in 45 minutes

Natalija Hellesoe

How to use OKR's to solve your business problems

Paul Luppino

Managing remotely

Paul Puckridge

How to manage under performance

Peter DiGiammarino

The power of clarity to maximize performance

Ralph van Roosmalen

Become a master in the art of teams

Rick Gillis

Leveling the paying field

Rick Maurer

Seizing moments of possibility

Robert Bradford

Strategic thinking for managers

Sarika Kharbanda

Fishbowl of perspectives: Co-create a way forward together

Sanjeev Dixit

Building Sustainable Personal Effectiveness & Success, through The Colored Brain Mapping tool

Sezen Oznacar

Leading across cultures

Shelley Holmes

Two reasons people underperform

Sue Bingham

Using the power of your role

Terry Poling

Using dialogue to activate collective wisdom

Tharun Kumar

Embracing change

Vineesh US

Heartbeat conversations: How to easily build psychological safety

Wang Ching

Communication skills: Smart hacks with BIG results

Yoga Nesadurai

Adaptability is the skill you absolutely need for the future

What exactly will I get?

Leadership Tools

You will learn one leadership tool, from each expert.


  • Agility
  • Change acceleration
  • Coaching
  • Conflict management
  • Communication
  • Decision-making
  • Diversity
  • Effective presentations
  • Employee engagement
  • Facilitation
  • Feedback
  • Future of work
  • Interviewing skills
  • Leadership development
  • Overcoming pay disparity
  • Performance management
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Project management
  • Psychological safety
  • Remote leadership
  • Strategy for managers
  • Stress management
  • Teamwork


Sample of the 30+ gifts our experts have for you:

  • A “Toolkit for Leadership 4.0 Assessment” containing an article on Leadership 4.0, a questionnaire to assess how ready you are to be a Leader 4.0, and an action template, to help you plan your development
  • The “Project Analysis Tool” to help you reevaluate your portfolio of projects in light of their complexity and your capacity to accomplish them successfully
  • A “What, Who, and Why” assessment that will give you in return, personalized feedback and recommendations about how to improve clarity and alignment in your unit, function, or organization
  • The “Membership-Control-Goals Team Health Evaluation” to build strong teams of all kinds
  • The book “Beyond Engagement: A brain-based approach that blends the engagement managers want with the energy employees need” by Brady Wilson (BPS Books, New York, NY: 2015)
  • The book “Seizing Moments of Possibility: Ways to trigger energy and forward momentum on your ideas and plans” by Rick Maurer (Parzival Publishing, Arlington, VA: 2021)
  • The “PALI” coaching model to help you generate learning, improvisation, and alignment, to turn threats into opportunity
  • The “Team Engagement Diagnostic Tool” to assess your team’s engagement levels, and to help you improve productivity
  • The "Changes Playbook" containing Chapter 1 from the book “Changes” by Michael Diettrich-Chastain (Arc Integrated Media, Asheville, NC: 2019), the complete audio file from the same book, 10 additional activities to use with “The Changes Cards,” and your "Goal Achievement Toolkit" to help you apply all the lessons
  • The “Five Factors Creating Success" assessment to find out if you have them (if ANY of them are not happening, there is a good chance of project failure)
  • A 15-minute one-to-one coaching session, to get laser-focused on what you need to do, to achieve one goal
  • A 30-minute effectiveness coaching session, to find some tips about how to boost your performance
  • The “Heartbeat Conversations” framework to hold performance conversations that build psychological safety
  • The model “Leading Across Cultures” to learn how to acknowledge and celebrate rather than tolerate cultural differences
  • The specific steps to follow, to turn on—and trigger—collective insight, awareness, and wisdom, through “The Power of Dialogue
  • Etc.

Here is a sample of what you will learn

How to properly coach your direct reports to improve their performance and your bottom line

Specific techniques to create a positive relationship with your employees, wherever your teams are located (on-site, hybrid, remote, and/or distributed)

How to turn on—and trigger—collective insight, awareness, and wisdom in your team

Simple things you can do to prevent burnout

How to build psychological safety during performance conversations

The specific behaviors (habits) of leadership you must practice, to successfully lead in the new world of work

How to bring about protocols to overcome pay disparity, on your own behalf

The key ingredients you must focus on, in order to generate productive, empowered, high-performing teams

How to have conversations about under-performance

Leadership tools to facilitate and accelerate change, including why people support and resist your ideas, employee engagement, alignment, psychological safety, and stress management during change

Techniques & strategies to keep your remote employees engaged

How to naturally boost the energy of the people you work with, to foster full engagement for yourself and your direct reports

The five aspects that can make the success or failure of your projects

How to simultaneously be successful with agility and traditional approache

Practical insights to detect "AAA Players” when hiring new employees

How to build commitment in team decision making

A developmental plan to acquire the specific leadership competencies you need to thrive tomorrow

How to generate a shared understanding, build alignment, and create a way forward together

Critical competencies you need when leading across cultures

How to develop and become a more courageous leader

What to do, to help you test whether something is strategic or not


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this experience cost?

To try some of our training classes is completely free!

How long will it take before I start seeing some results?

If you start using the tools we teach you right after you watch a training session, you will begin to see results almost immediately.

All these classes are practical 100 percent.

What are "Gifts" and how are they different from the Training Sessions?

Most speakers have a gift for you.

To find a gift that you like—once you are inside—go to the Gifts Module.

What skill level is required?

Training Sessions are designed to be accessible for frontline managers with little to no experience and advanced managers alike.

Nevertheless, some of the classes will challenge you to go beyond the Session content by exploring your own creativity.

Can I download the material?

Yes of course!

All the gifts are for you to take so that you can actually use them whenever it's convenient for you.

I definitely need this but I am always busy. How long do I need to invest in this?

On average, 40 minutes per training session. Some presentations are shorter and some are longer.

We are a community of experts on a mission to strengthen the leadership development of frontline

managers who want to secure top-quality, world-class education.

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José Luis Romero

My intention is to give you as much value as possible, in the most convenient way, so that you will easily develop THE leadership competencies you want, in the shortest possible time — I am on a mission to democratize organizational high performance.

If you have the courage and the discipline to grow as a leader, I will gladly show you the way.

I've personally trained and coached over 10,000 frontline managers in Fortune 500 companies, for almost two decades.

It will be my pleasure to support, unleash, and catapult your growth as a world-class leader!

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