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1. How to accelerate your change initiatives—without wasting time dealing with resistance

2. The principle—most managers ignore—to always achieve crystal clear communication

3. How to relax (really relax) in 5 minutes or less—anytime, anywhere—guaranteed

4. The complete step-by-step process to do performance management flawlessly

5. How to be fit (really fit) in 60 minutes a week

Etc., see all the competencies here below.

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I do Corporate Leadership Development, and a typical two-day live seminar that costs $4,000 USD, contains on average 15 leadership tools.

This “Managerial Toolkit” includes 20 leadership tools clearly explained.

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To recap, this is what you are getting:

Avoid expensive misunderstandings most managers make:

1. Common assumptions in the workplace

2. Fundamental communication principle most managers ignore

Accelerate the execution effectiveness of your change initiatives:

3. Change principles

4. Change acceleration

5. Change methodologies

6. Change … or else …

Know exactly how to be fit in only 60 minutes a week:

7. Best kept secret in the fitness industry

Use your team’s Mission to intrinsically motivate your direct reports:

8. How to use your mission as an engagement tool

Improve the quality of your performance conversations:

9. The soft skills are the hard skills

10. How to turn the assessment of your employees into a productivity tool

Gain upper management’s undivided attention in 60 seconds or less:

11. Corporate Elevator Speech

How to turn performance management into a simple—and even sexy—results-oriented task:

12. Performance management in 3 simple steps

Become a much more effective leader:

13. Can you lead from a non-leadership position?

14. Are leaders born or made?

Make better decisions:

15. Advocacy vs. Inquiry

16. Debate vs. Discussion vs. Dialogue

Why controlling your nervousness while giving a presentation is a huge mistake:

17. Become a more effective public speaker

Be the best listener you’ve ever met:

18. Why "listening"—like most managers do—doesn't work, and what to do instead

Relax in 5 minutes or less—anytime, anywhere—guaranteed:

19. This simple technique will exceed your expectations

Build and use your team’s Vision as a powerful leadership tool for change:

20. Vision is about direction and passion—use it!