Hello—my name is José Luis, 


 IF you have Direct Reports – 

I will teach you how to ... 

  • Engage them with their work
  • Commit them to you
  • and build Sustainable High Performance



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Four out of five managers—worldwide—never develop a high level of talent for leading their direct reports, in their lifetime (GALLUP’s “State of the Manager”)

If that's an issue in your company, you are not alone, and I can help …

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I focus on one thing:

Results-Oriented Competencies

I have been doing corporate leadership development for over 17 years—and I have personally worked with thousands of managers—literally. 

Where do you start? 

I have created a FREE "14-Day Team Performance Improvement Challenge" that will help you to:

  • Increase desired behaviors
  • Establish accountability 
  • Strengthen execution
  • Create the basis for team high performance—in a sustainable way
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