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José Luis Romero


Team Leadership:

"Performance IS a Management Tool"

Costly mistake managers make

Meiling Canizares


"Leadership 4.0—lead in the post-digital age"

Develop the leadership competencies to thrive

Rick Maurer


"Seizing Moments of Possibility"

Why people support your ideas, why they resist them, plus 3 tools for all your change initiatives

Dominik Maximini



Mastering "agility" and "plan-driven" success simultaneously

Jason Little


"5 Universals of Change"

By watching this masterclass, you might experience up to 5 paradigm shifts

David Spungin


"Three coaching mistakes managers make"

How to avoid the traps and unleash your talent's potential

Sezen Oznacar


"Leading Across Cultures"

Build your cultural competence, to lead across cultures successfully

Terry Poling


"Using Dialogue to Activate Collective Wisdom"

Exponentially improve your team's capacity in terms of new possibilities

Alexandra Barosa


"Coaching for Managers"

Coach your team to maximize performance, while navigating change and uncertainty

Al Blixt


"Secrets of Leading High Performing Teams"

A simple, yet powerful model

Louise Neel Høyer


"Keep your Employees Engaged through Change"

Hands-on tools to get started right away

José Luis Romero


Team Leadership:

"Are Leaders Born or Made?"

A definitive no non-sense answer to this common question

Angie Dobranski


"The Five Freedoms"

Design the life of the leader YOU really want

Bill Treasurer


"The First Virtue of Leadership: Courage"

How to develop this competency yourself and in your employees

Vineesh U Sathianathan


"Heartbeat Conversations"

How to easily build psychological safety

Peter DiGiammarino


"The Power of Clarity"

A 3-step process to uncover strategic misalignment to maximize performance

Paul Puckridge


"How to Manage Under Performance"

What it is, its costs, reasons why, and strategies

Ralph van Roosmalen


"Become a Master in the Art of Teams"

Learn how to make your team successful

Jo Moffatt

(United Kingdom)

"I love my manager"

Really engage your employees, wherever your teams are located

Jose Luis Romero


Team Leadership:

"Build Commitment in Decision-Making"

Four ingredients to optimize execution

David Zinger


"How to Foster Full Engagement"

Burnout, engagement, yourself, and your employees

Brady Wilson


"How to Micro-Fuel to Finish Strong"

Naturally boost your employees' energy and your own 

Jan & Michelle Terkelsen


"How to create a high performing team"

Learn the 9 dimensions of a high performance team

Brent Baker


"Clarity, alignment, and leadership"

A new powerful model for stronger margins and profitability

Sarika Kharbanda


"Fishbowl of Perspectives"

Co-create a way forward together, to build a shared understanding, and alignment

José Luis Novoa


"Changing to Coaching, as a Leadership Style"

How to coach your employees, to improve their performance

Martha Legare


"The 5 UNs of UN-Success"

How your DiSC style can affect how you manage 5 critical project risks

Robert Bradford


"Strategic thinking for managers"

How to reach your most strategic positioning

Bhakti Karkare


"How to Build loyal teams that consistently deliver projects on time"

How to co-create a group process for sustainable performance

Chad Littlefield


"How do you create engagement, when attendance is mandatory?"

Tips to engage your audience in a virtual presentation 

José Luis Romero


Team Leadership:

"The Change Formula"

3 ingredients for all your change initiatives 

Maria Luisa Teixdeira


"Dignified Relationships Building as a strategic leadership competency"

Improve your leadership, and the quality of your decisions

Bruce Gibb


"The Bimodal Structure"

A proven process of leadership and management 

Michael Diettrich


"Navigating constant change as a leader"

Minimize stress & create psychological safety 

Mario Alberto Sánchez


"How to interview candidates to find the best talent"

Powerful skills to detect 'AAA Players'

Shelley Holmes


"Two reasons people under-perform"

Discover how to rapidly fix that problem

Kevin Empey


"4 Leadership Habits for the Future of Work"

Discover how to successfully lead in the new world of work

Tharun Kumar


"Embracing Change"

Five guidelines to help you design and execute any change initiative, big and small. 

Natalija Hellesoe


"How to use OKR's to Solve your Business Problems"

Design an "Objectives and Key Results" system that works for YOU

Rick Gillis


"Leveling the Paying Field"

A groundbreaking approach to achieving fair pay

Betsy Dokakis


"Managing Conflict"

How to effectively address it to generate desired results 

José Luis Romero


Team Leadership:

"One of the Most Powerful Tools"

Few managers use it, and when they use it, they use it wrong

Paul Luppino


"Managing Remotely"

How to lead as the world of work changes

Carolina Pacheco


"Effective Teamwork"

Two key ingredients to increase inner drive, performance, and resilience

Here is WHO is offering you WHAT

Please Note: 

  • You can book consulting/coaching sessions with as MANY experts as you like.
  • You can book a date for any of your consulting/coaching sessions WHENEVER it’s convenient for you.
  • BUT hurry because you must make your reservations no later than Sunday September 19th, at 11:59 PM Pacific Time North America. Plus, a few experts are offering a limited number of slots, so you better be quick!

Coaching / Consulting

  1. Al Blixt’s 30-min consultation session on Leadership Development, Strategic Alignment, or Large Scale Change 
  2. Alexandra Barosa Pereira’s 30-min Executive Coaching session; or a consultation session on all things related to Coaching 
  3. Betsy Dokakis’ 30-min consultation session on HR, Talent Management, Leadership Development, or Executive Coaching 
  4. Bhakti Karkare’s 30-min consultation session on everything related to Facilitation 
  5. Brent Baker’s one-hour consultation session on Strategy, Leadership, or Executive Coaching 
  6. Carolina Pacheco's 30-min Leadership Coaching session 
  7. David Spungin's 10 slots for a 30-min consultation session about Coaching for Managers 
  8. Dominik Maximini’s 30-min Agile Transformation Consulting Session 
  9. José Luis Novoa's 20-minute Coaching Session 
  10. José Luis Romero’s 30-min consultation session about Team Leadership, and how to build High Performance Teams, in a Sustainable Way 
  11. Louise Neel Høyer is offering five consultation sessions about how to harvest the Benefits of your Change Project and keep your Employees Engaged at the same time 
  12. Maria Luisa Teixdeira’s 30-min consulting session about Organizational Dignity and your Bottom Line
  13. Mario Alberto Sánchez’ 60 minutes Executive Effectiveness Coaching session 
  14. Martha Legare’s 30-min consultation session on all things related to Project Management 
  15. Meiling Canizares' draw for 10 one-hour Leadership Development Coaching sessions 
  16. Natalija Hellesoe’s 45-min consultation session about using Objectives & KeyResults 
  17.  Michael Diettrich’s one-hour coaching session on any Leadership Challenge you are currently facing — only to the first 5 people to book; plus “The Changes Playbook” 
  18. Paul Luppino’s 15-min consultation session about Digital Transformation or Remote Work 
  19. Sezen Oznacar’s 30-min coaching session (12 spots) on how to develop your Cultural Competence, to Successfully Lead Across Cultures 
  20. Terry Poling’s 30-min coaching session on Dialogue — first 10 people only 
  21. Tharun Kumar’s 30-min consulting session about your “Bleeding Metrics” and how to turn them around 
  22. Vineesh U Sathianathan's 30-min consulting session about Team Alignment, Performance Management, or Design Thinking (10 slots)

Online Certifications, Virtual Workshops & Membership Sites

  • Bill Treasurer’s 50% discount on his entire “Master Courage Building Certification” ($398.50 value)
  • Jason Little’s 50% discount on his “Lean Change Management Training” ($149.50 value)
  • Kevin Empey's 33% discount on his entire "Organizational Agility Certification" ($900 value)
  • Sarika Kharbanda’s 25% discount on “Agile & Lean Change Management” workshops ($209.75 value)
  • Shelley Holmes' 7-Day Free Access to Members Only Gated Content Area ($39.95 value)


  • Jan & Michelle Terkelsen: High Performance Team Assessment ($60 value)
  • Jo Moffatt's "Team Engagement & Motivation Levels Diagnostic Tool"
  • Peter DiGiammarino’s personalized feedback and recommendations based on an Organization Assessment, to Maximize Performance with Stronger Strategy Alignment ($750 value)


  • Brady Wilson's book: “Beyond Engagement: A brain-based approach that blends the engagement managers want with the energy employees need” ($9.99 on Amazon)
  • Kevin Empey's book: "Thrive in the Future of Work" ($7.98 on Amazon)
  • Ralph van Roosmalen's book: "Doing It!" ($5.19 on Amazon) 

Steps to make your coaching / consulting reservations: 

  • First, get your VIP Pass
  • Second, once you are inside the membership site for VIP Pass holders-only, look for the expert of your interest
  • Third, underneath the expert’s video, click on the corresponding link, to book your coaching or consulting session


Live the VIP experience!