From Boss to World Class Leader

Results-Oriented Leadership Strategy

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Double Guarantee

I guarantee that if you—the change owner—follow this leadership development strategy, you will build high performance teams, in a sustainable way.

If you do all the work, follow the instructions, and don’t build high performing teams, I will personally work with you until you do.

uLeadr · Vancouver, BC · Canada

You will be able to:

  • Commit your direct reports to you
  • Generate trust and psychological safety
  • Engage your direct reports with their work
  • Turn team conflict into a positive force for change
  • Align team members and get them to row in the same direction
  • Increase team cohesion, employee morale, and talent retention
  • Create a 100% open communication environment within the team you lead
  • Optimize team decision-making and the execution effectiveness of such decisions
  • Etc.

Human Behavior Ingineering

Change Management:

  • Since this intervention requires meaningful behavior change, I offer you a customized service to build enterprise change capability to support your transformation journey


  • I will work with you—the change owner—as a one-on-one leadership coach


  • When all the participants meet with me as a group, I will work with them to help them extinguish undesired behaviors, reinforce desired behaviors, I will answer all their questions, etc.

Team Leadership Development Training:

  • Leadership development is the backbone of this intervention—I will hold you by the hand every step of the way telling you what to do, common mistakes to avoid, etc.

This proprietary strategy is not about theory, knowing, or memorizing—but about doing, practicing, and getting results:

  • Easy how-to, step-by-step guidance
  • A safe space to ask questions
  • Immediate actionable advice
  • Double built-in accountability

"From Boss to World Class Leader"

Results-Oriented Leadership Strategy