FISH! Philosophy

FISH Philosophy

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The FISH! Philosophy


I have been doing corporate leadership development work for almost two decades, and I have personally worked with thousands of managers.

As I look back to the types of people that I have worked with, I notice that there are several patterns. 

What do I mean by “patterns”? 

By patterns I mean that some managers tend to be introverts, some others tend to lead by example, some others prefer to ask questions rather than to tell emp…

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Value Based Leadership

Value Based Leadership

Value Based Leadership 


Why value-based leadership? 

I have personally worked with thousands of managers, and most of them weren’t aware about the essential, foundational, and uppermost importance of Values.

Values are indispensable in the success of any organization—small and big—like your family, your team, your company, your country, etc.

Values are at the root of the success of the team you lead.

This is why you must make them explicit.

Here I talk about:

  1. Definition

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Systems Thinking in Team Leadership

Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking 

“Systems Thinking” on leadership is when you visualize a system (your organization) as a collection of interrelated parts (Divisions, Departments, etc.) bound together to achieve a purpose (products and services), where the relationships between such parts are as important as the parts themselves, and where the whole (your organization) interrelates with its external environment (your customers, your suppliers, the market, the economy, the government regulations, etc.) as well…

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