Performance Management

Dealing With Difficult Employees


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Dealing with Difficult Employees

Are you in a position where you happen to be dealing with difficult employees? 

If so, here I give you three Do’s, and three Don’t’s. 

These three “Do’s” and “Don’t’s” are not meant to cure all your illnesses, but rather, they are meant to give you foundational strategies, to help you improve your people leadership competencies.


Please allow me to ask you one question.

You don’t have to answer this question to me of cour…

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Performance Management Forms



Performance management forms help you keep track of your own behaviors concerning the things you are doing and not doing to improve the performance of your direct reports.

I do NOT recommend you buy off-the-shelf generic performance management forms, because they do not necessarily tie in with the particular circumstances of your organization.

Here I offer you a checklist to consider, to build your own performance management forms.  

Performance Management Forms Checklist

  1. You…

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Performance Appraisal Management


Performance Appraisal Management 


OK Capitan “obvious” here, but I don't care if I am being redundant: You MUST always use your company’s performance appraisal management system—always.

And no matter what performance appraisal management system you use (a lot of companies are moving away from the yearly or by-yearly performance appraisal ritual), I strongly suggest you use these nine simple and common sense—yet powerful—guidelines:

9 Guidelines

1) Provide feedback all year long…

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Performance Based Management


Performance Based Management


What does performance based management mean? It simply means the following:

  • Performance based management is when you manage your direct reports by focusing on their performance

That’s it.

But think about it though:

You are responsible for your team (made up of your employees and yourself) – you are your direct reports’ boss – you are accountable for the results your team delivers – it is your responsibility to make sure your direct reports brin…

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Definition of Performance Management


Definition of Performance Management 


You must have a clear and practical definition of performance management if you want to purposefully manage the performance of your direct reports, in order to lead them to peak performance.

Before you ask yourself what is performance management, let me define the meaning of “performance” for you:

Performance is the sum of behavior plus results: 

Performance = Behavior + Results

When you are looking at performance, it is necessary to focu…

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